Naloxone Now was a team project led by Emily Carr's Health Design Lab at a Hacking Health event held in Prince George, British Columbia. The project involved two elements including an app to improve accessibility as well as a Naloxone injector redesign to improve usability.


The conceptual app would provide people witnessing an opioid overdose with the ability to alert and call over surrounding Narcan kits via GPS to their location. This app would expedite the process of obtaining and administering Naloxone to an individual who is overdosing.

The Narcan kit redesign looked at the existing Narcan kits and sought to make the process of administering Naloxone understandable and fast. The current kits involve a tiny vial used to fill a large syringe. This is a daunting task for those unfamiliar with filling a syringe in a pressured, time-sensitive life or death scenario. The new design derived inspiration from epi-pens and insulin injectors. It is a 'pen' pre-loaded with Naloxone and is administered by simply removing the safety and pushing down the sheath. After a 5 second injection, the needle is retracted into the pen. And the used pen is to be exchanged for a new pen.

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