Intersection Info-session [04.19]


Intersection Info-session is a low-tech, low-cost infrastructure modification kit that would bring relevant wayfinding information and cardinal directions to the visually impaired and partially-sighted, allowing an increased feeling of place and the reduction of anxiety when navigating new areas of their own city.

Keeping in mind a realistic level of city planning budgets for production and installation, this solution was kept low-tech and was designed to mount to existing infrastructure in order to mitigate the costs of adding extra elements to the light standards. Instead, this solution uses space already accounted for and ergonomically-considered, keeping wheelchair accessibility in mind.

The cost-effective production and simple on-site installation of this modification kit brings the opportunity of increased urban accessibility and wayfinding by making intersections navigable landmarks for those without sight.

In April '19, this project was one of two industrial design student projects chosen to be presented at the Emily Carr Health Design Showcase alongside other health design projects facilitated by the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr.

Modelled in SolidWorks '17 and rendered using Keyshot7

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